To the editor:

Al Church must have been having a bad day, and possibly no one had the power to interfere with it, the day he reviewed Roman's Restaurant at 39 Post Office Place for the Deseret News.Our dining out experience is extensive throughout the country, and my wife and I rate Roman's on the top of our list for their escargot. (Consistently the best in town, fresh garlic and snails, sizzling in their shells when served, very well balanced in butter, scrumptious.)

Al's sardonic expose touched off by his appetizer certainly doesn't fit the fine service and excellent food we've admired over our dozen or so visits there. With so many fine restaurants in Salt Lake, I'd propose that Roman's is certainly in the top 10 and is one of the few that does not try to put on a thin, pompous air. Instead, there's a feeling of friendly elegance, backed up by sincere desire to please and serve. How many restaurants serve a good hamburger on the menu with escargot?

This really is a new style of relaxed elegance you can enjoy with your kids (crayons on the table) or groups with hard-to-please diners. There is such a wide selection of finely prepared dishes.

Al should try Roman's again. I'm sure he'd find it's really a four-star restaurant without all of the hype he might have anticipated. I give Al's review only two stars.

Mark Greer

Editor, The Innkeeper Newsletter

Salt Lake City