Voluntarism isn't anything new to the new president of the LDS Hospital Volunteer Auxiliary. She's been doing it since age 16.

With nearly 1,500 hours of volunteering at LDS Hospital, Bertie Scheidel has established the goals of increasing membership in the auxiliary, getting to know the other volunteers better, and increasing the good relationships the volunteers have with employees.Her theme for the year is: "Pride in Performance Brings Excellence in Service."

"One of the great goals in life - to be happy - can best be accomplished by giving of one's self to others," she said. "As I see each of the other volunteers in the hospital, I can feel the pride they have in being volunteers and I see the excellence in service they give to all who come here. I see this love of volunteering extended into many extra hours and I see how willing they are to help on short notice."

In addition to volunteering, Scheidel often brings generous helpings of her famous salsa and other homemade goodies to share with the hospital staff.