Caretakers of the Ogden City Cemetery say it's no mere coincidence that vandalism is on the upswing the closer it gets to Halloween.

"There's definitely an increase in the month of October. The closer you get to Halloween, the worse it becomes," said Jerry McKean, cemetery sexton.Cemetery security is beefed up on the days preceding Halloween and on Halloween night, he said. Last year, about 25 people were caught "messing around" on the grounds on Halloween night and asked to leave, McKean said.

And though gravestone bashing and spray-painting occur with greater frequency in October, it's a year-round problem.

The most recent occurrence was Sunday, when vandals marred gravestones with satanic markings.

"It's not uncommon for vandalism to take place there," said Police Lt. Chuck Buzick.

McKean said he can't understand why anyone would want to destroy a headstone.

"It's sad. What these kids are doing is destroying the history of Ogden," he said.

The lieutenant said vandals commonly drive into the cemetery to paint and break headstones.