Two youths from a wilderness survival camp west of Lund were picked up at Beryl Junction after an attempted escape, Iron County Sheriff Ira Schoppmann said.

The boys, ages 15 and 16, apparently left the Sequoia wilderness survival program Saturday around 10 p.m. When a camp adviser discovered them missing, he notified the sheriff's office.Schoppmann said 15 Iron County search and rescue officers were called to assist Sunday morning in the search that began the night before.

That afternoon, search and rescue officer Clayton Holt spotted one of the youths climbing aboard a hay truck at Beryl Junction. Holt stopped the truck and detained the pair until authorities arrived.

Schoppmann said the oldest of the two juveniles, whose names were not released, had been enrolled in the program twice.

Other group members told Schoppmann the boy was desperate to escape. They also said he may have had a knife, the sheriff said.