The Utah County Commission has drawn up a tri-county resolution officials believe will help prevent further funding scandals from occurring at the Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center.

Under the resolution, to which the County Commission granted preliminary approval Wednesday, Utah County will enter into an interlocal agreement with Wasatch and Summit counties "to create entities to be known as Timpanogos Mental Health Authority and Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center."Commissioner Brent Morris said the resolution is the product of several months' discussion and meetings sparked by allegations last spring that former Timp Mental Health administrators had mismanaged and misused about $3.5 million in public funds over the past four years. The Utah attorney general's office is investigating the possibility of filing criminal charges against the administrators.

Among responsibilities outlined in the agreement, Morris said, is greater participation by the authority board in directing Timp Mental Health operations. "It's a tightening up of the oversight responsibility of the nine county commissioners" who comprise the Timpanogos Mental Health Authority.

"The commissioners of all the counties shall, by statute, act as the authority to oversee the new entity," the resolution says. The resolution also creates the Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center Board of Directors, comprising Utah County's three commissioners and one commissioner each from Wasatch and Summit counties.

"Timpanogos Mental Health Authority shall be the paramount authority to supervise and oversee such other agency or agencies as it may create," the resolution says. "However, it is the intention of the counties and the authority to delegate all such pow ers and authority as it may lawfully delegate to the Timpanogos Community Mental Health Center and its Board of Directors . . ."

The resolution stipulates that the authority meet at least twice yearly and that the board of directors meet monthly. Prior to the surfacing of the scandal in April, meetings were held only sporadically and private audits snowed no irregularities.