Besides quintupling grazing fees, the $11.9 billion House Interior Appropriations Bill - which passed 327-80 Monday - contains funding for several projects important to Utah, including:

- Bear River National Wildlife Refuge: $1.052 million requested by Rep. Jim Hansen, R-Utah, to help rebuild the refuge after years of flooding by the Great Salt Lake.- Big Cottonwood Canyon: $1 million requested by Rep. Wayne Owens, R-Utah, to help connect recreational sites to a new sewer line to better protect the watershed for Salt Lake Valley residents.

- Wolves in Yellowstone: $300,000 requested by Owens for an environmental impact statement to evaluate wolf reintroduction.

- Silver Lake: $30,000 requested by Owens to help construct fishing facilities for the handicapped at the lake near Brighton.

- Forest acquisition: $630,000 to buy more land for the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, plus an unspecified slice of $1.1 million to add land to the Uinta-Wasatch National Forest to reduce erosion.

- Forest research: $200,000 for a forest inventory monitoring cycle in Ogden, and $100,000 for a water quality study in Logan.

- Indian fishery: $75,000 for a fishery assistance office in Vernal to continue offering aide to Indian tribes.

- Indian law enforcement: an increase of $200,000 for the Uintah and Ouray Reservation, including $100,000 for vehicles and $700,000 for the Navajo reservation.

The bill now goes to the Senate for consideration.