Eyewear shaped like cat eyesare flattering to most face shapes,according to image consultant Carole Jackson.

"They're wonderful for a round face because they give a slimmer look," she says. But if you have a long nose, they'll make it look longer.Those little round frames Meryl Streep wears in the movie "Postcards from the Edge" are great for everyone except people with round faces. "Then you're just repeating the roundness," she says.

No matter what the style, the eyes should be in the center of the lenses and the eyewear should complement skin tone and hair color, according to Jackson, founder of Color Me Beautiful Inc., an international image company based in Chantilly, Va. The company and its consultants are working with the Vision Council of America, a trade group, to help consumers select flattering eyewear.

Jackson says for metal frames, fair or rosy complexion goes best with silver or pewter while darker complexion does better with gold, bronze or copper.

Ilene Lees, products manager for Rainbow Optics of Miami, an eyewear manufacturer, also says metal frames should coordinate with other metallic accessories.

"From your belt buckle to your jewelry to your eyewear, all the hardware should match," she says. "Otherwise it's the equivalent of brown shoes, navy belt and black bag."


For a free brochure on how to select eyewear as a fashion accessory, write to the Vision Council of America, 1800 North Kent Street, Suite 1210, Rosslyn, VA 22209 or call 1-800-533-5503.