Q. I know the movie "Cheaper By the Dozen" with Clifton Webb and Myrna Loy was made in 1950. But didn't Bob Hope and Lucille Ball star in a remake in 1966? - H.L.D., Columbus, Ga.

A. Hope and Ball made four movies together, two of them remakes, but not of "Cheaper By the Dozen." "Sorrowful Jones" (1940) was a redo of "Little Miss Marker"; "Fancy Pants" (1950) was a new version of "Ruggles of Red Gap." "The Facts of Life" (1960) and "Critic's Choice" (1963) were their other joint ventures. Hope had seven kids in 1955's "The Seven Little Foys" but the movie you may be thinking could be "Yours, Mine and Ours," the 1968 comedy in which Ball, as a widow with eight children, married Henry Fonda as a widower with 10 children.Q. What are Richard Egan and Gene Nelson doing these days? - B.J.S., Hamden, Conn.

A. Egan died in 1987. Nelson, a dancer turned dramatic actor, made his last movie, "The Cool Ones" in 1967. Since then he's been a successful feature and TV director.

Q. Is "Bye, Bye Birdie" on videocassette? Why hasn't one of the networks ever shown this delightful movie? - The S. Family, Philadelphia.

A. "Birdie" is available on tape. The 1963 spoof of Elvis Presley's Army stint was seen twice on CBS, the usual number of network runs. Except for a few periennials like "The Wizard of Oz" and "The Sound of Music," most feature films don't deliver enough viewers for continued network showings. Local stations and cable don't need such big audiences to make a movie pay.

Q. Boris Karloff starred as Mr. Wong, detective, in two movies, "Mr. Wong, Detective" and "Mr. Wong in Chinatown." We have the videos. Where can we get more Mr. Wong movies on tape? - C.F., Corning, Mo.

A. That's all there is. Karloff made only two Wong movies.

Q. Can celebrities ever be hired to perform at private parties?

A. For the right cash, yes. For example, Elton John charges $250,000 for an evening; Rod Stewart and Julio Iglesias are cheaper at $150,000 each. Chubby Checker will twist again for $30,000, and Amazing Kreskin reads minds for $6,500 per venue. Alas, these modest fees don't include airfare, equipment and the salaries of their entourages.

Q. I think Charlie Schlatter of "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," the new TV series, is so cute. Tell me about him and where to write. - K.M., Tallahassee, Fla.

A. Schlatter's 20, from Englewood, N.J. He studied at Ithaca (N.Y.) College but left to audition for the movies in New York City. He landed his first role as Michael J. Fox's younger brother in the feature "Bright Lights, Big City." Other features include "18 Again" with George Burns, "Heartbreak Hotel" and the upcoming "The Delinquents." Write: Paramount Television, 5555 Melrose Ave., Los Angeles, Calif. 90038-3197.

Q. I believe that Elizabeth Montgomery is George Montgomery's daughter. My boyfriend doubts it. - J.A.S., Anaheim, Calif.

A. He's right. She's the daughter of the late actor Robert Montgomery, no relation. George Montgomery and Dinah Shore did have a daughter, Melissa, who made a brief foray into show business as the producer of one of her mother's TV shows.