Miniworld, a Provo-based company that manufactures and sells girls clothing, has negotiated a contract with Kiyo International in Japan that will increase Miniworld's sewing operation by 40 percent.

Following two visits to Miniworld, Kiyo International officials asked for permission to use the Miniworld logo on a series of specialty stores featuring an unusual line of dresses, said John Roberts, Miniworld president."Girls in Japan have small body proportions, and we may possibly use metric sizes with different styles," he said. Prices in Japan are significantly higher than in the United States where a $50 dress in the United States will cost $150 in Japan.

Sig Schreyer, a Salt Lake broker who helped negotiate the deal with Kiyo, said the Japan economy is booming and parents and grandparents are spending large sums of money on daughters' and granddaughters' clothing.