A new dessert that goes from freezer to oven is Stilwell's fruit cobblers. They come in blackberry, cherry, apple and peach flavors that retail at Associated Food Stores and Albertson's for $2.39 to $2.89. The 2-pound cobblers come in a bake-and-serve foil pan.

Kay Hadley: "Picky! Picky! Picky! The Hadleys seem to be very finicky about this month's food. Stilwell's apple cobbler is fairly good, but the apples were not very plentiful and the crust contained large amounts of animal fat. The label says it contains animal fat, beef fat and lard - what's the difference?"We found it acceptable but nothing we'll purchase again."

Don Russell: "We found the peach cobbler much to our liking. It was fruity, satisfyingly sweet and tasty. Perhaps the only thing I didn't like about it was Stilwell's choice of spices. The nutmeg was too heavy or some combination like that. All in all, we recommend this product. When served hot with ice cream, it's hard to beat."

Judy Slack: "This was good stuff. It tasted like homemade, was spiced well, sweetened just right. I would highly recommend this."

Edyth Jensen: "This is a good dessert. One that could be prepared in a short time with no mess to clean up. The bottom crust was a bit soggy and I would like to see more fruit. It is rich but would be good hot topped with some vanilla ice cream. For the size of the cobbler you get it is rather expensive."

Linda C. Tingey: "The apple cobbler was just wonderful! It was just delicious and big enough for a family of five. It was surprisingly good for being a store-bought dessert. We will buy this again."

Conclusion: This cobbler hit the taste nail on the head, but some testers found a shortage of fruit and an abundance of heart-clogging animal fat in the crust.

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