Alta View Hospital-

STOUT, Roger and Mary Ann, Sandy, boy.

SWEET, Rod and Kristin, Murray, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

MORRELL, David and Nancy, Salt Lake City, twin boys.

BOOTHE, Vincent and Felicia, Sandy, boy.

FUNK, Jeffrey and Kathryn, West Valley City, girl.

HARB, Hafsan and Angela, West Jordan, girl.

KITCHEN, Richard and Sherri, West Jordan, boy.

LYTLE, Marlin and Leslie, Kaysville, boy.

STUART, Douglas and Kathryn, Salt Lake City, boy.

VARGAS, Mitvel and Cheryl, Murray, boy.

WESTENSKOW, Kevin and Connie, Salt Lake City, boy.

WRIGHT, Daryl and Leah, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Hospital-

ENEBOE, Eric and Sherrie, boy.

JONES, Randy and Susanne, girl.

LOVATO, Mark and Anne, girl.

REITER, Chris and Elizabeth, boy.

LDS Hospital-

AURUP, William and Sue, boy.

BROWER, Rick and Denise, boy.

CONTI, Tracy and Erin, boy.

CUSICK, Todd and Jennifer, boy.

GARCIA, Stefana, girl.

LOPEZ, Stephanie and FERNANDEZ, Larry, girl.

MYERS, Mark and Gina, girl.

PARK, Greg and Gwen, boy.

PETERSON, Craig and Carolyn, boy.

REITER, Keri and POND, David, girl.

SAKURAI, Mitsuyuki and Susan, boy.

SAUPAN, Flora and Robyn, girl.

SCHWEMMER, Michael and Lynette, boy.

SMITH, Rodney and Connie, boy.

SORENSEN, Kerry and Laura Lee, boy.

TORGERSEN, Robert and Jami, girl.

VAITAI, Fredrick and Lynda, girl.

WEIXLER, David and Kristin, boy.

WILLIAMS, Jeff and Lori, girl.

YEE, David and Rachael, boy.

St. Mark's Hospital-

HILTON, Fred and Linda, Salt Lake city, boy.

MARSH, Michael and Machell, Sandy, boy.

MELE, Malakai and Unga, West Valley City, boy.

SCHRONEMAN, Michael adn Brenda, Park City, girl.

University Hospital-

RICHINS, Brett and Janny, twin boys.

BOORAS, Janet, girl.

EVERETT, Ken and Claudia, boy.

FIRMAGE, John and Carol, boy.

IRVINE, Steven and Sherrie, girl.

KAUFMANN, Elizabeth, boy.

LOPEZ, Luis and Aura, girl.

MCKAY, David and Teresa, girl.

MOORE, Brenda, girl.

MUNRO, Bill and Carol, boy.

RALPH, Paul and Linda, boy.

ROBERTS, Steve and Denise, boy.

ROE, Misty, girl.