The district office of the Small Business Administration and the Salt Lake County Housing Authority are combining on a 20-week training course called Entrepreneurship for Single Parents.

Kayleen Simmons, a presenter with Innovations Consulting, has started the course with an introduction on entrepreneurship and empowering yourself for today and tomorrow.The program is designed to assist single women and heads of households living in low-income public housing to learn about the option of going into business as a source of income. About 120 county residents of low- income housing have signed to take the course.

Phase one will allow the students to find out about themselves and their potential for business success. Phase two offers an overview of business planning and management requirements, and each student will have the chance to develop a realistic business plan.

Phase three will involve development of a micro enterprise lending program. Micro enterprises are important to groups of people who have few job options due to lack of formal education or training, said Josie Valdez, public information officer for the SBA in Utah.

Leading formulation of the micro enterprise program will be Stan Nakano, SBA director for Utah; Douglas Tapking, executive director of the Housing Authority; and David Nimkin, director of the Utah Small Business Development Center.