To the editor:

I read with amusement Kenley Brunsdale's most recent attack on Congressman Jim Hansen. As I was chuckling, I couldn't help wonder "just who is out of step here"?Brunsdale criticized Hansen for "voting for every exotic weapons program." Does he mean that Hansen should have ignored his responsibilities as a member of the House Armed Services Committee? Should have voted to weaken this nation's defenses? Should have ignored the 30,000 federal workers living in the 1st Congressional District?

America won the Cold War through strength. And Hansen has been very conscious of the needs of those defense workers at Hill Air Force Base and Tooele Army Depot.

Brunsdale took a political shot at Hansen's vote against the Balanced Budget Act. That bill was sponsored by Democrats who wanted to draw attention away from the real issue - a balanced budget amendment - which Hansen has supported from day one.

And what's all this nonsense with Brunsdale blasting Hansen for his stand on a capital gains tax reduction? Last time I looked, this was still a capitalist nation. The life blood of our economy depends on capital.

Fifty percent of capital gains savings would be taken by people earning less than $50,000. And 65 percent of senior citizens depend on capital gains for their total income.

All of the liberal Democrats on Capital Hill keep saying capital gains are for the rich. But far more people would benefit from it than they care to admit.

Incidentally, the 28 percent tax rate Brunsdale opposes for those with incomes over $200,000 was the work of Democratic Sen. Bill Bradley and Democratic Congressman Richard Gephardt, who added the bubble to the 1986 tax bill - which, by the way, Hansen opposed.

Just who is out of step here?

Howard C. Nielson

Member of Congress