The Small Business Administration is accepting nominations for its 1991 Utah small-business person of the year award and several special awards that will be given during Small Business Week May 5-11, 1991.

Stan Nakano, Utah's SBA director, said any individual or organization dedicated to the support of the small-business community in the United States, including, but not limited to, trade and professional associations and business organizations, may submit nominations for the awards.Individuals who own and operate or have principal responsibility for operation a small business are eligible. Partners who jointly own an operate a small business can be nominated as a team, but the number of people in a single nomination cannot exceed three.

Nakano said nominations will be based upon a business's staying power; growth in number of employees; increase in sales; current and past financial reports, innovativeness or product or service offered; response to adversity and evidence of contributions by the nominee to aid community-oriented projects.

Individuals who have used their professional expertise and talent to further the public's understanding and awareness of small business also will be honored as winners of various minority, veterans, women and small business advocate awards, he said.

Nominations must be typewritten on 81/2x11-inch paper, collated in a folder or notebook and postmarked or delivered to the SBA office at 2237 Wallace F. Bennett Building, 125 S. State, Salt Lake City, UT 84138. The deadline is Nov. 16.