The premiums Utah employers pay for benefits to injured workers will remain the same in 1991.

The employers will also pay the same rates for benefits to workers in uninsured companies.The State Industrial Commission has decided to keep the premium at 7 percent for 1991 with 6 percent going to the Employer's Reinsurance Fund, 0.75 percent going to the Uninsured Employers' Fund and 0.25 percent to the General Fund, said Chairman Stephen M. Hadley.

This year, out of the 7 percent premium, 6.25 percent went to the Employers' Reinsurance Fund, 0.50 percent to the Uninsured Employers Fund and 0.25 percent to the General Fund.

Hadley said the premium is based upon a wage rate and a risk factor assigned to categories of jobs.

Hadley said the Uninsured Employers' Fund steps in to provide benefits to injured workers when their company doesn't have insurance or a company has gone bankrupt and left its employees without coverage.