A detailed report on the medical records of Democratic presidential nominee Michael Dukakis has been released, affirming the candidate's earlier denials of rumors that he had been treated for depression.

Dukakis's personal physician, Dr. Gerald Plotkin, told a news conference on Wednesday he decided to issue the report to satisfy massive requests that have come in from news organizations since rumors of treatment for medical depression were first reported."You have the entire record as it exists," he said, except for his own private notes.

Plotkin, an internist who has treated the Massachusetts governor since 1971, said "he has had no psychological symptoms, complaints or treatments.

"As a physician and not as a psychologist, psychiatrist . . . his mental health seems to be very healthy. He is a very strong, optimistic individual," he said.

Plotkin's report detailed every condition he has treated Dukakis for, from minor muscle pain to colds to a splinter removed from under the nail of his left index finger.

He insisted, under repeated questioning, that his patient had never exhibited any signs of depression and to the best of his knowledge Dukakis never sought treatment from a therapist for depression.

"I would expect that he would have told me" if he had, said Plotkin.

Dukakis has refused to release his actual medical records under the grounds that he has a right to privacy, but he did tell reporters last December that Plotkin was available for any inquiries about his health.

However, Plotkin said that until Tuesday, "nobody asked."

The news conference was held after a day of intense speculation about Dukakis's medical condition and amid rumors that the governor had been twice treated for clinical depression.

President Reagan fueled the controversy when he characterized Dukakis as "an invalid" at a White House news conference on Wednesday.

Dukakis brushed off Reagan's remark as a slip of the tongue. "No apology was needed really. We all occasionally misspeak," Dukakis said at a news conference in Boston.