Age: Garcia: 39; Scopes: 41.Where born: Garcia: Chicago; Scopes: Salt Lake City.

Family: Son, Brandon.

Education: Garcia: Illinois Institute of Technology/School of Design; Scopes: Bachelor of Fine Arts, University of Utah.

Primary products: Advertising services within the hospitality, resort, business-to-business, packaged goods and entertainment industries.

Primary markets: Utah andMountain West.

Number of employees: 16.

Annual sales: $6 million.


First "real" job: Garcia: Art director, Lewis and Young Advertising, Chicago. Scopes: Cafeteria cashier at Bryce Canyon Inn.

Management style: Garcia: Believe in promoting team spirit. Always project the intensity and tenacity needed to win in business. Show fellow workers that I will not ask them to do a job that I would not do myself. Enjoy watching our people grow by letting them run with a project from start to finish. Scopes: Hands off, or "laissez-faire." Hire people and let them run.

Strategy for success: Garcia: Having a winning attitude. Organize everyone to work toward goals and objectives. Most importantly, work longer and harder than the competition. Scopes: Guts and tenacity. Set specific short- and long-range goals and pursue actively until achieved.

A memorable failure: Garcia: Not enjoying our success along the way. Scopes: My career as a photographer.

Heroes: Garcia: Ted Turner and Stanley Kubrick. Scopes: Ansel Adams, Georgia O'Keefe and my dad.

Leisure time and hobbies: Garcia: What little leisure time I have is dedicated to "recharging" my batteries by sailing, skiing and enjoying my son. Scopes: Skiing, photography, sewing and hiking.

Favorite book and movie: Garcia: "Stolen Apples " by Yevteshenko; "If." Scopes: Carlos Castenada Series. "Fantasia. "