City Council members would like to provide residents with $1 million worth of improvements to their city park on Center and Main streets.

They are debating how to finance the project and would like citizens to tell them if they approve of the park renovation and, if so, if they would rather pay for the project over several years or complete it all at once.City Manager Collin Wood said the park could be improved in a few months - given a fourth baseball diamond, new tennis courts, a new concession and recreation center, new restrooms and a recreation storage area - if the city borrows the money through bonding.

That plan would include a payback in about 10 years and would cost residents, in increased taxes, about $30 per year on a $75,000 home. The alternative, building the improvements without bonding, would not increase taxes but would take about eight years or more to complete.

The $1 million also would increase the size of the city park as new property would be added at the northeast corner. In addition, the renovation would include basketball and volleyball courts, a horseshoe pit, shuffleboard, expanded parking, four picnic pavilions and upgraded playground equipment.

Wood said city officials would like citizens to write or call council members or City Hall or visit City Council meetings, which are held at 7 p.m. the first and third Tuesday of each month at City Hall.