The richest man in Australia is donating $2 million to the ambulance service that saved his life when his heart stopped during a polo match last week.

Media mogul Kerry Packer says he will pay half the cost of equipping all ambulances in the Australian state of New South Wales State with heart revival machines similar to the one that restarted his heart after he collapsed.Packer made front-page headlines again when he was involved in a scuffle with a newspaper photographer Saturday on the same polo grounds where he collapsed and almost died seven days earlier. Packer was on leave from the hospital and had gone to watch his son Jamie play.

Photographer Frank Violi said Packer started tugging on his camera. "I said `take it easy,' " he said. "I was worried for his health. He flicked the camera strap over my neck and took the camera. He opened it up and took the film from me."

Violi said he was then punched twice by a Packer aide.