There is no shortage of candidates seeking to become the first mayor and city council of Utah's newest city - the newly incorporated Kanesville-Taylor-Wilson area of Weber County.

Two people have filed to run for mayor, and seventeen others will compete for the five city council spots on the Nov. 6 election ballot.Residents of the three areas voted 548-312 Tuesday to form a single city. At the same time, they also voted for a mayor-council form of government.

Robert Holmes and Kelland Grange both want to be mayor of the as-yet-unnamed new city.

Holmes, 58, a resident in the Wilson area, is a teacher at Sunset Junior High School and has been an industrial arts shop instructor for 30 years.

Grange, a Taylor resident who describes himself as "a very young 72," is a semi-retired accountant and former South Ogden council member.

As for what the mayoral candidates think the new city should be named, both men said city officials will probably choose something other than Taylor, Wilson or Kanesville.

Nothing serious has been proposed yet. But Yorton has been one suggestion. Spelled backwards, it comes out "Not Roy," Holmes joked.

The main reason behind the incorporation effort was residents' fear that nearby Roy City would annex their communities.