According to Watchdogs of the Treasury, Utah Republicans in Congress are a pack of "golden bulldogs."

The group gave each of them its Golden Bulldog Award this week for what it said are strong voting records to cut federal spending, eliminate waste and reduce the deficit.The percentage of correct votes it said members cast in those areas are: Sen. Orrin Hatch, 95; Sen. Jake Garn, 94; Rep. Howard Nielson, 92; and Rep. Jim Hansen, 89. All scores were high enough for the Republicans to receive small statuettes of a bulldog - which many display in their offices.

Rep. Wayne Owens received a low score of 39 from the group and did not receive an award.

Several groups have been releasing report cards on Congress members in recent weeks based on different interpretations of their voting records in hopes of swaying voters.

For example, while Owens received a low score from Watchdogs of the Treasury, he recently received a higher score than the rest of the delegation from Money magazine on financial matters.

Still, Utah Republicans issued statements of glee about their Golden Bulldog Awards.

Hansen said, "If this fine bipartisan group had been able to award their Golden Bulldog to at least 218 members of Congress each of my 10 years in Congress, we wouldn't be facing the present budget crisis." He has received the award every year he has been in office.

Nielson, who has also received it every year he has been in the House said, "I believe this reflects exactly how my constituents have wanted me to vote. The people of Utah are conservative."