Consumer advocate Ralph Nader says two reasons the federal government won't clean up and reform itself are Sens. Jake Garn and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah.

The two Utahns were among 17 senators - all Republicans - to whom Nader's Public Citizen watchdog group gave ratings of zero for votes opposing reforms such as banning honorariums, or fees they receive for giving speeches to special-interest groups."In a year plagued by unending scandal where every politician is telling voters they've been fighting to clean up the mess in Congress, the public should know which senators are just moving their lips and which ones have been voting to help along the return of government to the people," Nader said.

Public Citizen rated senators on 10 votes about eliminating honorariums, limiting contributions from political action committees, limiting campaign spending and allowing public financing of campaigns.

However, what it considered to be "correct" votes were reforms favored by the Democratic Party, not alternative reforms proposed by Republicans.

That may be why all 17 senators who received zeros were Republican, and why the 22 senators who received perfect 100 percent scores were Democrats.