Utah crimefighters were given a $100,000 federal grant Wednesday to help target, track down and convict drug kingpins operating in the state.

Top law enforcement officials concede that the money is not much compared to the resources available to drug traffickers, but they said the grant will make a difference.U.S. Attorney Dee Benson presented the $100,000 check to Utah Public Safety Commissioner Douglas Bodrero, who said such support is indispensible to the state's drug enforcement efforts.

The funds will help defray overtime, travel and office expenses in ongoing, multijurisdictional investigations, Bodrero said, adding, "Frankly, without this support, we could not pursue some of these cases."

He explained that federal, state and local agencies are working together in a number of investigations aimed at the individuals who run large-scale drug trafficking operations into and through Utah.

"These types of investigations are extremely costly and we need the resources to do the job," Bodrero said.

Drug Enforcement Agency director Drew Moran said Utah has the expertise and the personnel to combat drug trafficking. "All the state needs is the money." And Eugene F. Glenn, special agent in charge of the Salt Lake office of the FBI, predicted "good results" from the multijurisdictional approach during 1991.