A Payette woman who drove the state van that crashed Friday, killing three people, said she had trouble steering the vehicle and pushing the gas pedal during a drive from Caldwell to Eagle.

Darcy Stroud, 19, gave up the wheel to Amy Jacobs, 18, of Weiser, about two minutes before the van crashed. She said the van had been wandering and required the use of both hands to keep on the road."To me, the van was not driving right," said Stroud, who said rutted roads along some stretches aggravated the problem. "It was kind of a joke for a while between Amy and I and the rest of the people. One of them said, `Yeah, this is like a rollercoaster ride.' "

Jacobs refused to comment on the incident.

The 1980 Dodge van carrying 11 developmentally disabled adults and two volunteers to an annual Idaho Department of Health and Welfare summer camp in Donnelly rolled over on Eagle Road outside Boise, killing three women and injuring 10 other people.

Health and Welfare director Rich Donovan said Saturday that he was not aware of any mechanical problems with the vans but would not rule out the possibility.

He also said the department's vehicles are maintained regularly by area dealerships.

"We are waiting for a full investigation to see if there were problems with the vehicle," Donovan said. "We are always concerned about the maintenance of those vehicles."

Meanwhile, the Idaho State Police continued its investigation of the incident. Sgt. Marv Miller said a report would be submitted to the Ada Count prosecutor's office next week.