British Prime Minister Margaret Hilda Thatcher turned 65 Saturday, celebrating with family at the prime minister's country residence, Chequers.

Thatcher, unpopular in public opinion polls but firmly in control of the Conservative Party, has vowed to "go on and on," and said last month she may stay in office for five more years if the Conservatives win their fourth straight election.On Friday, the party faithful at their annual conference in Bournemouth, gave Thatcher a nine-minute standing ovation and sang "Happy Birthday." Some chanted: "10 more years!"

The Guardian newspaper said some party officials are encouraging the theory that Thatcher, like Queen Victoria, will still hold power at the turn of the century.

While 60 is the normal retirement age for women in Britain (65 for men), Thatcher has no plans of stepping aside soon.

Several years ago, Thatcher talked of retiring at 65, but her belief that there is still so much to do and she is the one to do it, have pushed her retirement date to 1995.