A week ago, BYU quarterback Ty Detmer used a timely bye weekend to mend his injured throwing hand. This week another Utah quarterback is doing the same thing.

Jason Woods, the University of Utah quarterback, is using a bye week to rest his injured throwing hand. Woods sprained ligaments in his right hand during a 313-yard passing performance against Colorado State last Saturday.According to trainer Bill Bean, if the Utes had to play this weekend, Woods would not be able to play. As it is, he might be hard-pressed to play when the Utes return to action Oct. 20 against UTEP.

"Frankly, I don't know how it's going to be," said Bean. "We'll let him rest this week, and then see what the hand is like on Monday. If we played this Saturday, I don't think he'd be ready. He'd have a hard time holding on to the ball."

According to Bean, Woods "hooked the hand in a face mask" against CSU. The hand is still visibly swollen. Two of the fingers have been taped together to immobilize the injured area.

"If Jason's hand is ready, he'll start the next game," said Utah Coach Ron McBride. "If it's not, then Mike (Richmond) will start."