We've all heard of those nightclubs - common to New York and Los Angeles - where people anxiously wait in line to be admitted by snobbish bouncers. The bouncers size you up, and if your dress doesn't suggest the proper hipness, they won't let you in.

Kenneth Lipton, a Los Angeles lawyer, recently waited in one of these lines outside a place called Mayan, which for upscale Angelenos is this month's nightclub of the century. After 1 1/2 hours of watching later arrivals be quickly admitted, Lipton did what any normal lawyer would do under the circumstances. He decided to sue.Thus is a new avenue of litigation discovered: nerd rights. According to the New York Times, Lipton is suing Mayan for $250 in damages - presumably the pain and suffering he endured for being labeled a loser. For its part, Mayan says Lipton was "mouthing off."

The club would be on firmer ground if it maintained that it kept Lipton out because he was a lawyer. For it is lawyers who will now be creeping up and down the lines, passing out their cards, schmoozing the nerds for business. Now that's cause for a lawsuit.