A 3-year-old Texas girl unable to digest food was discharged from the hospital Friday, nearly three months after undergoing a liver and small intestine transplant.

On her return home, her first meal, of all things, was airplane food.Tracey Kay Gonzales, of Corpus Christi, received a new liver and small intestine in a 14-hour operation in July. Her doctors say her success will clear the way for transplants on others with life-threatening intestinal defects.

The toddler's quick recovery won her a trip home. She left the hospital early Friday, and, after weeks of hospital food and an occasional meal away from the medical center, she graduated to airline food.

Passengers aboard Tracey's plane were served omelets with cheddar cheese or turkey, muffins or croissants and orange juice and milk.

The Gonzales family couldn't be reached at the end of the flight for a critique of the meal.