Three 12-year-old boys playing with matches and gasoline started a house fire that caused $15,000 damage Friday.

Firefighters could see heavy smoke from several blocks away from the house at 1418 E. Sandy Hills Drive (9350 South). The fire began just after noon on a wooden deck at the back of the Violet Feula residence.The three kids were playing with matches and gasoline on the porch when it caught fire. "It just went right up the wall and into the house," said Sandy Fire Battalion Chief Gary Childs.

Everyone managed to escape from the burning house, and no one was injured. About 14 firefighters were able to control the blaze within 15 minutes. The house itself suffered about $10,000 damage, and damage to the contents was estimated at $5,000.

Childs said the three boys will be enrolled in a Juvenile Fire Starters program, which teaches juveniles the dangers of fire.