Gerard A. Squires says he's sorry he is a repeat sex offender. In his many years of incarceration he's earned a bachelor's degree and has married a woman who is a rape victim.

But Squires is not likely to be paroled anytime soon. Two members of the Utah State Board of Pardons have denied parole for Squires. The other three members must review the decision before it becomes final.Squires, 44, has spent the past 11 years in the Utah State Hospital, where he was married.

Asked by the board if he would be surprised to hear that some of his victims - the youngest was 11-years-old - requested castration as just punishment, Squires said, "No . . . My wife is a victim. I wish I could let them know I am sorry and I hurt for them. The person I love is a victim and I know it (the trauma and fear) doesn't go away."

Squires was arrested three times on rape charges between 1967 and 1972. While in prison he earned a bachelor's degree in psychology in 1975. But four years later, while serving time in a halfway house, he raped again.

After the fourth rape, the court determined Squires was insane and sent him to the Utah State Hospital, where he has been since 1979.

Squires told the board that medication and therapy have helped him control his anger and emotions. "I have been able to gain insight into my own behavior patterns. I am able to stop myself before I hurt someone," he said.

Squires said he has been on work release and living at home for the past three years. The state hospital had determined Squires had gained all he could from the hospital and referred him to the board to determine custody for his previous crimes.

The board told Squires that he has served his sentence for the first rape in 1967, but the following two convictions - with sentences of 5-20 years and 1-10 years concurrently - have not been served.

The board added that Squires' 11 years in the state hospital were for the fourth rape conviction and wouldn't count toward the concurrent sentences under consideration.