Salt Lake detectives are investigating three separate forgery incidents that have occurred in the past month.

A Salt Lake woman was arrested Thursday in connection with five check and credit card forgeries and possession of a controlled substance.A woman forged three checks and two credit card vouchers Thursday totaling about $250. The checks and credit cards belonged to a Salt Lake woman who was out of town at the time.

In a separate case, three juveniles attempted to cash a forged check on a Salt Lake man's account for the amount of $160 on July 19. One of the youths filled in his name on the check and presented it at a Salt Lake bank for payment. The teller became suspicious because the signature on the check did not match identification. The youths tried to flee the bank but were apprehended by bank personnel and questioned.

Detectives are also investigating a forgery case in which three Salt Lake businesses have been bilked of about $425 in merchandise by a person signing checks on an account closed since July 2.