More thrilling than a trip to Atlantic City or hitting the lottery jackpot, some lucky Panamanian stands to win an all-expense paid trip to the trial of former military ruler Manuel Antonio Noriega.

El Siglo, a Panama City tabloid, promises to send the winner of an essay contest to Florida next year where Panama's former dictator will stand trial on drug trafficking and money laundering charges."El Siglo offers you the opportunity of your life - to be in Orlando when this monsterous abortion, the ex-narco-dictator Manuel Noriega, is punished," the newspaper states in advertisements for the contest.

The trial is scheduled to take place in Miami, and it was not clear why the tabloid mentioned Orlando.

To win, contestents must write an essay of no longer than 12 pages double-spaced about the abuses and corruption of Noriega and Panama's military governments of the past 21 years.

U.S. troops invaded Panama, deposed Noriega and installed a civilian government last December.

Writers are encouraged to include photos, tape recordings and other materials as documentation. A "qualified jury" will judge the essays and El Siglo promises to publish all efforts.