Thanks to Provo City Council's action on Tuesday, the section of road running past the Utah County Jail will have a name.

Not surprisingly, personnel at the jail had expressed a desire to know the prison's address.Larry Johnson from Provo's engineering office presented the council maps showing possible new names for the roads in the area. However, residents along Nevada Avenue objected to changing the name of the road they live on, so Nevada Avenue will retain its name along its whole length, despite the expansion on an intersecting road.

Longtime residents of the northern end of Nevada Avenue were disturbed by the proposed renaming of their street to Slate Canyon Road. Clark DeWolf told the council Tuesday night that if any part of the road's name was changed, it ought to be the more recently developed end.

City Council members expressed concern that the two sections of Nevada Avenue would be a source of confusion for those trying to find an address.

Dewolf suggested that a dirt section of Nevada Avenue could be rerouted when it was improved to match up with the rest of Nevada Avenue where the road crosses the new road of Slate Canyon Drive. A proposed section of new road east of the original Nevada Avenue would be named Slate Canyon Drive.