The Ogden Education Association's faculty representatives say they will reserve judgment on a proposal to create a 200-day school year but say they are willing to participate in a study of the plan.

"We have many questions about placing uncertified teachers in our classrooms," OEA President Mark Visser said. "Ogden teachers have always been willing to champion any proven plan that will improve our children's instructional program."The proposal to create a 200-day school year calls for Ogden's certified teachers to teach 180 days, while students would be taught by substitute teachers for the remaining 20 days. The school year would begin Aug. 1 and extend to June 30.

The OEA, which represents 90 percent of the district's teachers, said it will provide teachers and expertise to the study process.

"Our teachers would be seriously impacted by the program and we insist that they have a significant role in this study," Visser said. "At this point, there are too many questions about this proposal and not enough answers."