Belgium and Germany announced Friday they have pulled all their diplomats from Kuwait as Iraqi President Saddam Hussein starves out the last envoys from encircled missions in the conquered emirate.

The campaign is a key part of his effort to turn Kuwait into the 19th province of Iraq.In Bonn, Germany, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said the last diplomats in the German embassy drove from Kuwait to Baghdad on Thursday. ZDF television, a German station, said the group included the ambassador and his wife, along with three embassy staffers.

A Foreign Ministry official said the embassy was vacated because of exhausted food supplies.

In their announcement in Brussels, Belgian officials said their remaining two diplomats also had left for Baghdad on Thursday.

The Dutch, Italian and Polish embassies have withdrawn their diplomats from Kuwait City. That leaves the Americans, British, Canadians and French as the only holdouts.

They are surviving mainly on canned food and occasional loaves of bread carried in by local staff. They are surrounded by Iraqi troops and in most cases, water and electricity have been cut.