Attackers on motorcycles Friday killed Egypt's parliament speaker and two security men in a hail of gunfire outside a downtown hotel, police and witnesses said.

The attack came after the interior minister warned of possible terrorist reprisals for Egypt's stand against Iraq in the Persian Gulf crisis.Rifaat el-Mahgoub, 64, speaker of the People's Assembly and the second ranking politician after the president, was shot as he sat in the rear of his chauffeur-driven Mercedes, a police lieutenant said on condition of anonymity.

The shooting occurred outside the Hotel Semiramis Inter-Continental, a block from the U.S. Embassy. The speaker had been heading for a hotel about 11/2 miles down the corniche where he was to meet a Syrian delegation, police said.

The government's Middle East News Agency quoted witnesses as saying four assailants on two motorbikes attacked the minister's Mercedes and an accompanying security car and then fled.