An Iranian trying to give Princess Diana a silver clock because he admired her climbed over two fences and through rose bushes before being nabbed on the lawn of her Kensington Palace home, police said Friday.

The princess was home at the time of Ali Kashabi's entry into the grounds of the palace shortly before midnight Thursday but was "not disturbed" by the incident, said a Buckingham Palace spokeswoman.Kashabi said it was the second time he had been arrested in the Kensington Palace area in as many days. He said he was arrested for drunkenness on Wednesday night but was released.

Kashabi told Horseferry Magistrate's Court that he decided to give Princess Diana the silver clock after writing several letters to her but receiving no reply.

"I just wanted to see Lady Diana. I think that she is a very beautiful lady and I admire her," he said.

"They told me I was lucky that I wasn't shot . . . It was a frightening experience."