Extra money was transferred into the district and juvenile court budgets this week by the Davis County Commission. The county's portion of the court budget had almost run out of funds.

The court systems are generally funded by the state, but some funding - for prisoner transportation, indigent legal services, public defenders and other costs - are paid by the county.Those costs are almost impossible to estimate at the beginning of a budget year, according to budget auditor Steve Rawlings. The amount of indigent legal aid, for example, can vary widely from year to year, he told the commissioners.

And the funds set aside by the county can be affected severely by a judge's single action, such as ordering a transcript of a court proceeding for an indigent defendant.

The county's fiscal year operates on a calendar-year basis, so Davis County is now in its last quarter of 1990, and the district and juvenile court funds are running low, Rawlings said.

The district court fund started with $6,000 in January but is down to less than $300 and some additional expenses are expected, he said, advising the commissioners to transfer $2,000 into the account.

The juvenile court budget, which already received one cash transfer earlier this year, needs additional money also, Rawlings said, advising $1,000 be put into it.

Both recommendations were approved by the commission, with the extra money being taken from the county contingency fund.