"It's a great way for the kids to earn money while they are younger," says Fred White in describing the motivation for the family's eight children, who make sure just over 100 copies of the Deseret News find their way to the right porches every day.

The eight-member White-Schaefer brigade has been making the deliveries for just over a year now in the Glendale area. In a way, it's deja vu for White, who delivered newspapers to some of his children's same customers when he was a boy living in the area."When we moved into the area we picked up one route and just kept adding over time," White said. The family now has five routes.

Ben White, 15, handles delivery on the biggest route while his siblings, Alana Schaefer and Donette White, both 14, Lisa Schaefer and Amy White, both 13, handle delivery on the smaller routes on a rotating basis. Jill Schaefer, 8, Kendra White, 3, and Jonathan White, 2, also help with the deliveries, running papers to the porches in areas where automobile delivery is used.

"Everyone helps fold the papers," White said.

White said his wife, Diane, is the "sergeant-general" who holds the operation together. On weekdays, the operation takes about 40 minutes from the time folding begins and the last papers are delivered. The larger, bulkier Sunday papers require about 90 minutes to make the trip.

White said the operation is in for a little reworking in the near future as Ben opts for a full-time job. "But we plan to keep all five routes. It will just mean a little shifting of responsibilities."