Adam Mellen had wanted a paper route for a long time when he became a Deseret News carrier one year ago. "I just thought it would be fun to have and make some money," he said.

Now he straps on his bicycle helmet and pedals a 5-mile course around his neighborhood in West Jordan each day delivering the Deseret News - 65 papers each weekday and 81 papers on Sundays.Mellen, who turns 13 Saturday, began wearing the helmet after taking an unexpected trip over the top of his handlebars when a newspaper got caught in the spokes one day. But the stunt isn't unique to newspaper carriers.

Dog bites are another hazard known to bicyclists. And even though Mellen has been bitten once he hasn't yet taken to wearing shin guards.

Mellen has socked several hundred dollars from his newspaper earnings in the bank and has also enjoyed having his own money to buy a television, VCR and Nintendo.

The young newspaper carrier enjoys reading the newspaper and particularly likes the front page - and the comics.