Americans say students must borrow too much money to attend college but agree a college education is worth a lot over an entire lifetime, a Gallup Organization poll showed Friday.

The survey found adults nationwide think the cost of higher education is unmanageable without some form of financial assistance.It showed that 91 percent of the 1,014 adults interviewed by telephone in June believe it is not possible today for most people to go to college without receiving some form of financial aid.

Sixty percent believe the loan burden most students bear is too high. About half as many, 28 percent, said the loan burden is about right given the value of a college education. Four percent said students borrow too little.

Students at four-year public colleges are paying an average of $1,809 for tuition and fees this year, up 7 percent, and those at two-year public colleges are paying an average of $884, up 5 percent, the College Board said. At four-year and two-year private colleges, students are paying an average of $9,391 and $5,003, respectively, up 8 percent.

Almost half of college students receive public or private assistance.