After reassessing safety factors at several Granite District schools, a committee says it will stand pat on earlier recommendations to reduce busing for students in those schools.

The cutback in bus services was announced by the Granite Board of Education as a budget-reducing measure. The action created an outcry from parents, who say the district was ignoring hazards to children who now must walk to school along what they believe to be dangerous routes. Several protests highlighted the parents' concerns.The committee reported on William Penn, Truman, Howard R. Driggs, Oakridge and Upland Terrace elementary schools and Wasatch Junior High School. Their conclusions, after walking the routes children must take:

- William Penn: The committee recommended that children be directed not to walk along Highland Drive from 4500 to 3900 South and to use 1500 East instead. Those west of Highland are asked to walk to Siggard Drive, where there are two crossing guards. Buses will pick up only those children who live on Highland Drive.

Bus and car parking on Siggard will be controlled, with "no parking" signs installed and parents asked to continue east on the street after discharging students, alleviating left-turn congestion from Siggard onto Highland Drive. School officials will ask Salt Lake County to enforce existing ordinances to alleviate problems with business parking areas north of 3900 South, including removing diagonal parking that blocks sidewalks.

- Wasatch Junior High School: The crosswalk has been moved to 3100 East on 3300 South. The Utah Department of Transportation has been asked to correct a pedestrian signal on the north side of the intersection that was not working correctly. Clearance times on the signals were found to be adequate for pedestrians to cross the street. Children should be encouraged not to cross through parking lot areas but to use available sidewalks.

- Truman Elementary: Committee members found lights give adequate time for pedestrians to cross at 3200 West and 2700 West streets. The committee recommended that fencing of a canal ditch along 3200 West at approximately 4900 South be completed; that cross-hatching lines be painted in the area along the 3200 West shoulder where there is no sidewalk and that signs be posted to direct children to use the area as a sidewalk.

- Howard R. Driggs Elementary: The committee recommended that a guideline be painted from eastbound 4500 South to southbound Wallace Lane.

- Oakridge Elementary. The committee recommended the possibility of adding a sidewalk at the entrance to the school, alleviating problems with walking children and motorists entering the schoolgrounds at the same time.

- Upland Terrace: The committee recommended that area residents be notified they are responsible for keeping shrubs trimmed back and steps cleared after snowstorms to enhance visibility.