It must be the prep football's final week of the regular season coming up - or why would dozens of coaches, players, parents and fans be calling the Deseret News and other media outlets asking for current region standings and possible playoff-seeding scenarios.

Listed below are the eight 4A and 3A prep football leagues, their member teams, the respective region records, and Thursday's matchups. Also included is a brief review of how each region race for playoff seeding is shaping up.A review on the 2A first-round playoff bracketing and the 1A playoff possibilities is planned for Sunday's Deseret News.

Region 1 (4 4A berths) Records and matchups: 2-3 Weber at 5-0 Davis; 1-4 Viewmont at 2-3 Bonneville; 3-2 Clearfield at 0-5 Layton. 5-1 Roy is at Region 2's Alta.

Outlook: Davis, Roy and Clearfield are assured the Nos. 1, 2 and 3 seeds, while Layton is eliminated. If Bonneville wins and Weber loses, the Lakers are in as the No. 4 team - and vice versa for the Warriors if they win and the Lakers lose. Wins by both put them in a tie for the fourth spot, with the region requiring a preliminary playoff. Losses by both and a Viewmont win means a three-way tie for fourth.

Region 2 (4 4A berths) Records and matchups: 4-1 Skyline at 3-2 Brighton; 3-2 Highland at 1- 4 East; 2-3 Olympus at 1-4 Cottonwood. 4-2 Alta plays Region 1's Roy.

Outlook: There's no postseason for Cottonwood and East, so the first game to worry involves Skyline. If the Eagles win, they claim the league title and the top berth, and Alta takes second. A Highland victory gives the Rams third and Brighton fourth. Olympus can force an extra playoff if the Titans win and either Highland or Brighton - or both - lose.

If Skyline loses, there's a couple of scenarios to consider. If Highland also loses, then Skyline, Alta and Brighton share first with 4-2 marks, with a coin flip needed to determine the seeding, leaving fourth to the Rams alone or to be shared between the Rams and Titans if Olympus wins.

If Highland and Brighton both win, then there's a tie for first with four teams sporting equal 4-2 marks. Head-to-head competition results in the following seeding order: Alta, Highland, Brighton, and Skyline.

Region 3 (5 4A berths) Records and matchups: 4-2 Granger at 5-1 West Jordan; 3-3 Bingham at 1-5 Kearns; 5-1 Cyprus at 2-4 Hillcrest; 0-6 Hunter at 4-2 Taylorsville.

Outlook: First-year Hunter and 1989 4A titlist Kearns have no postseason hopes, with Bingham in control of the fifth and final berth. A win gives the Miners the spot outright; Hillcrest ties Bingham if the Huskies win and the Miners lose.

Most eyes will be on the Granger-West Jordan game. Because of head-to-head competition among the top four teams, a West Jordan win gives the Jaguars the top seed, with Nos. 2-4 going, in order, to Cyprus, Taylorsville and Granger.

If Granger and Cyprus win, Cyprus is No. 1, while West Jordan and Granger - and possibly Taylorsville - finish with 5-2 records. Granger earns the advantage if it's a two-way tie for second with just West Jordan; a three-way tie with Taylorsville included requires a coin flip to settle the seeding.

If Granger wins and Cyprus loses, then there's a possibility of a three-way tie at 5-2 between West Jordan, Granger and Cyprus - a flip is again needed. A four-way tie - if the trio is joined by a 5-2 Taylorsville - results in the following seeding order - West Jordan, Cyprus, Taylorsville and Granger.

Region 4 (3 4A berths) Records and matchups: 1-3 American Fork at 2-2 Timpview; 1-3 Mountain View at 3-1 Provo; 3-1 Orem at 2-2 Pleasant Grove.

Outlook: This would be a lot easier if either Orem or Provo would win Thursday, thanks to head-to-head tiebreakers. If both win, Provo is first, Orem second - and Timpview is third if the T-birds win. If Provo wins and Timpview loses - the winner of the PG-Orem game is second and the loser third.

If Orem wins and Provo loses, it's Orem first and Provo second - and Timpview third if the T-birds win.

Otherwise, there are some bizarre scenarios - a three-way tie for third between Timpview, AF and PG; a four-way tie for third with Mountain View added in; or even a four-way tie for first at 3-2 shared by Provo, Orem, Timpview, and PG.

Region 5 (5 3A berths) Records and matchups: 4-1 Mountain Crest is at 2-3 Ben Lomond; 3-2 Sky View is at 5-0 Bear River; 2-3 Box Elder is at 2-3 Logan. 0-6 Ogden has finished its 1990 season.

Outlook: Bear River is first and Mountain Crest is second, no matter what happens. Sky View has clinched a playoff spot - most likely third, with a chance at dropping to fourth and a slim possibility of fifth, the latter thanks to a possible three-way tie for third. Box Elder, Ben Lomond and Logan are left with a myriad of scenarios outlining their playoff possibilities - which are too numerous to mention here. The most probable result is Sky View and the winner of the Box Elder-Logan game earning berths, with the Box Elder- Logan loser meeting Ben Lomond in a preliminary playoff for the No. 5 seed.

Region 6 (4 3A berths) Records and matchups: 6-0 Bountiful at 3-3 Woods Cross; 1-5 Granite at 5-1 Jordan; 2-3 Tooele at 0-6 Judge; 4-2 West at 3-3 Murray.

Outlook: Here's what has been decided already - Bountiful is the top seed and Jordan the second, while Granite and Judge have no playoff hopes. And Tooele can only hope for a three-way tie for the fourth and final berth if the Buffaloes win and both Murray and Woods Cross lose.

That leaves West, Murray and Woods Cross vying for the final two berths. If Murray beats West, the Spartans are the No. 3 seed - West is fourth if Woods Cross loses and tied for fourth if the Wildcats upset Bountiful. If West wins, the Panthers are third, meaning that a Woods Cross win gives the Wildcats fourth and a Woods Cross loss puts the 'Cats tied with the Spartans.

Region 7 (3 3A berths) Records and matchups: 2-2 Carbon at 4-0 Lehi; 3-1 Emery County at 2-2 Wasatch; 0-4 Union at 1-3 Uintah.

Outlook: Lehi has clinched the No. 1 berth and while Union and Uintah have been eliminated. Emery is all but assured the second seed, while Carbon leads Wasatch for the third spot. A regular-season win by Carbon over Wasatch gives the Dinos the third berth except for one condition. If Wasatch beats Emery and Carbon loses to Lehi, then Wasatch is the second and Emery third.

Region 8 (4 3A berths) Records and matchups: 1-3 Cedar City at 3-1 Dixie; 2-2 Spanish Fork at 2-2 Pine View; 0-4 Payson at 4-0 Springville.

Outlook: Springville has clinched the top spot and Dixie the second, while Payson has been denied a postseason. Cedar can force a tie - and playoff - for the No. 4 spot, but the Redmen must win at Dixie. That means that the winner of the Spanish Fork-Pine View game is third and the loser fourth.