"Gumdrop" is missing from the Deseret News comic strip pages today and with good reason - it's syndicate, United Feature, has discontinued it.

The strip's last appearance was Saturday.Although United Feature gave no official reason for the cancellation, it's likely that a lack of client newspapers doomed the 11-year-old comic.

"Gumdrop" had ranked 18th out of 28 on the favorites list of the Deseret News comics survey earlier this year, but obviously didn't do anywhere near that well nationally.

"Bent Offerings" is the strip's replacement. It is done by Don Addis through Creators Syndicate of Los Angeles. (That syndicate also distributes "Crankshaft.")

Addis is said to be "the master of one-panel cartoons." He's been the full-time editorial cartoonist and humor columnist for the St. Petersburg Times (Florida) for the past 23 years. He has also done numerous freelance cartoons for various magazines.

He is a native of Hollywood, Calif., and earned a degree in advertising design from the University of Florida.

Addis said his humor is sophisticated but easy to understand.