Secondary school students could receive up to a $25 fine if they are caught skipping classes, according to a new truancy policy adopted by the Davis County School Board Tuesday night.

The $25 fine can be imposed if students are caught away from classes more than four times.The new policy implements guidelines enacted by the Legislature during its last session aimed at reducing the number of truant students handled by the juvenile court system, Sen. Dave Steele, R-West Point, told the board.

"This does offer an alternative to the court system," Steele said.

Under the new policy, citations can be issued students for each truancy violation. The first citation is a warning; the second citation can cost up to $10; the third citation can cost up to $15; the fourth citation can cost up to $20; and the fifth citation can cost up to $25.

With each citation, school officials must monitor attendance, give counseling and provide specialized curriculum.

Before moving to adopt the policy, board member Louenda Downs said parents had expressed concern that the policy would be ineffective.