A mistrial was declared for a defendant in the Bensonhurst racial slaying after a juror screamed at the victim's father, accusing him of staring at her.

The courtroom outburst Thursday by Lydia Bermudez came on the second day of deliberations in the case against Charles Stressler."What are you looking at?" Bermudez yelled at Moses Stewart, the father of slaying victim Yusuf Hawkins. "You've been doing that to me every day. You know what I'm talking about. You've been doing it every . . . day."

Bermudez was dismissed. Justice Thaddeus Owens, who had already sent the alternate jurors home, decided deliberations could not continue without 12 jurors, and he declared a mistrial.

Stressler, 22, is accused of murder and other crimes in the 1989 slaying of Hawkins, a 16-year-old black shot through the chest when he and three friends crossed paths with a mob of whites in Brooklyn's Bensonhurst section.

Stressler will go on trial again Jan. 17. Of those charged in the attack, one has been convicted of murder and two of lesser charges. Four still face murder trials.

With the jurors watching Thursday, Stewart stood up and walked toward the door, mumbling angrily, "If she can't stand the father of the victim looking at her, get her . . . out of here. I look at everybody on the jury. I don't care who she is."

Bermudez told the judge that she felt intimidated by Stewart. "I don't need this aggravation from this freaking low-life," she said.