The trial of a New York woman charged with kidnapping her estranged husband has been postponed again to Sept. 12 and 13 because of an unrelated scheduling conflict in New York.

Ann Gross Taylor was to be tried before 4th District Judge Cullen Y. Christensen on Monday. She is charged with the second-degree felony kidnapping of 80-year-old John Max Taylor on July 16, 1987. Taylor was her husband at the time, but the couple has since divorced.Ann Taylor, 56, has had several trial dates canceled because of health reasons. She recently underwent back surgery in a New York hospital. Monday's trial was postponed because she had to attend a disability compensation hearing Tuesday.

She contends she was rescuing her husband from relatives, not kidnapping him. Taylor, who suffers from Parkinson's disease, testified at a preliminary hearing last year that he was abducted. He later stated, however, that he was not taken against his will.