Telling the defendant he is getting a good deal, a 2nd District judge this week accepted a plea bargain allowing a Bountiful man to plead guilty to fleeing from police in exchange for having a robbery charge dropped.

Steven R. Thain, 20, pleaded guilty to failure to stop at the command of a police officer, a third-degree felony, in exchange for having a second-degree felony robbery charge dismissed.According to prosecutor Carvel Harward, Thain on April 8 put $10 worth of gas in his car at a Bountiful convenience store. When he went in the station, he grabbed the female clerk's sweater and told her she was good-looking, according to court records.

The clerk fled, and Thain grabbed some sandwiches and left the station, failing to pay for either the gas or the sandwiches, Harward said.

A chase ensued, from Bountiful into Salt Lake County, Harward said. The chase ended when Thain's vehicle was forced off the road.

Judge Douglas L Cornaby accepted the plea negotiation, telling Thain that it is a "very good negotiation from what I hear here."

Thain, who faces a zero-to-five-year prison term, is scheduled for sentencing Nov. 13. The robbery charge that was dropped carries a prison term of one to 15 years.