The flood of tourists to Yellowstone National Park this year has been great from a numbers standpoint but has had some adverse effects, a park spokeswoman says.

The National Park Service says 2.7 million tourists visited the park in the first nine months of this year, more than in all of 1989, which was a record-breaking year."From a tourism standpoint, the numbers are great," park spokeswoman Joan Anzelmo said Tuesday. "This region of the country did well."

However, she said the greater numbers have also meant slower traffic and more visitors crowding into major attractions. If the trend continues, the question is what impact will increasing numbers of tourists have on the park's wildlife and features, she said.

In 1989, 2.6 million people visited the park.

This year already has been the busiest year ever, with the number of visitors up 7.52 percent for the same January-through-September period of last year.