Next time shoppers go to the market, they may want to pay special attention to the different ways advertisers try to get your attention.

In the next few years that could all change.Supermarkets are becoming a hot spot for new advertising vehicles because media companies have found they can hit virtully any package-goods marketer up for ads. And as marketers look for more cost-efficient ways to divvy up marketing budgets, these vehicles are attracting a lot of interest.

In some test markets around the country customers are coming face to face with coupon dispensers, video ads on shopping carts, electronic signage and add-supported radio and TV networks.

In was recently announced that one company was introducing closed-circuit, add-supported video network in 35 markets.

Another is working a joint venture with Turner Broadcasting System. Monitors located at check-out counters will air commercials along with news, weather and sports.

One company is putting electronic signs above supermarket aisles to catch the attention of shoppers.

Another is putting monitors, about 20 per store, that display 15-second computer-animated graphics.

One company is putting a device mounted on shelves in front of the products it promotes. The machine automatically dispenses cents-off coupons when consumers approach, in turn triggering a 13-second commercial or jingle.

There is a program, too, that delivers instant credits and coupons at checkout and includes a frequent shoppers programs with "smart cards" to track consumer purchases.